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Finally Reunited!

35 hours ago I was on Skype call with Nick (hands free) while he was running when he was struck by a pick up truck. It was a hit and run!
He was flown to hospital where he underwent surgery to reset serious fractures to his right leg and externally stabilise his pelvis. Tomorrow he is scheduled to have further surgery to internally stabilise his pelvis. We are very relieved that he has no damage to internal organs and that the bump to his head isn't serious. Doctors are happy with the progress he's making, however it looks like we're going to be here a while!
Thank you to you all for your love and support, we are very grateful! We'll keep you posted. All our love

The Best Support Team In The World!

Unfortunately this is the end of one journey and the beginning of another. The run as we know it is over, but our support crew has experienced a huge swelling of numbers as we join forces with the incredible medical team at Ohio State University Hospital. As we move into the next stage we'd like to take a moment to stop and reflect on the adventure that lead to this point. Huge thank-you's to the original support team, Emily, Peter, Jeff, Kieran and Sarah for all the incredible support that they have given Nick and each other on and off the road.

8th August 2017

Hi Everyone,
It's been a tough few days but Nick is improving more and more each day. The surgery on his pelvis went really well and we are so grateful to the incredible team of doctors and nurses and people caring for him. They are amazing!
We are told that he's very lucky to be alive and to have been spared brain damage after being hit by a truck. He's been told that he won't weight bare for 10 weeks while his pelvis and leg heal and that he will be here for a minimum of 5 months. Knowing Nick's determination though, I wouldn't be surprised if his rehabilitation is faster.
Thank you all so much for your messages of love and support and I am reading them to Nick at times when he's awake. I am sorry that I haven't replied to you all.
We are so grateful to our daughter Emily for all her support. I tag teamed her when I arrived and she's flown to be with the girls.
We'll keep you posted, our love to you.

The Story

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It all ended here...


This was Nick's Progress......zoom in for a closer look and click through the days to see where he got to...

    Who's Nick

    Hi, I'm Nick. I am 52 years old, a father to four gorgeous girls and I am married to a great kiwi girl. I was a former international hockey player and now spend my time as a Professor of Marketing at the American University of Sharjah. I was born in the UK, but after spending the best part of twenty years in New Zealand, meeting my wife and becoming a resident, I call both New Zealand and Wales home. I love running and especially ultra-marathon running. Some of my most enjoyed runs have been the Marathon des Sables, London to Brighton and the Comrades in South Africa.

    I want to accomplish something that has long been a deep-seated desire for a very long time - to run across America!

    I plan to run across Transcontinental America from west to east and in doing so raise awareness and funds for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust.

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