Thank You Sponsors


Thank you to the sponsors who have shown confidence in me and invested in my challenge.

Thank you Patrick Chalhoub and the Chalhoub Group for sharing my inspiration and passion.  Patrick shares my dream to do something extraordinary and I look forward to him joining me for a few 10km runs along the way!


Thank you Hoka One One for the many pairs of Clifton Shoes!   I ran in Hoka for the first time in 2014 when I took part in the Marathon des Sables.  Hoka shoes have great contact and flexibility on the road and are one of the most comfortable running shoes I’ve ever used.




Patrick Chalhoub

Thank you to Professor Laura-Anne Furlong from Loughborough University and the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine in the UK who have agreed to study my biomechanics over the 5400km journey.  Loughborough University and the University of Massachusetts are jointly working on a research project to study the biomechanics of ultra runners.  In January 2017 I met Laura-Anne at Loughborough University.  She kindly showed me around the world-class sporting facilities at Loughborough University.  I will be back at Loughborough University in April to spend time on the treadmill and gain an understanding of how the equipment will work to monitor my biomechanics over the 5400 kilometres.

Professor Laura-Anne Furlong


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