Training Update

The past 2 months have been full on with training and I have certainly welcomed the one-day of rest at the end of the week!  My current weekly distance has reached 180 kilometres which is combined with gym work and cycling.  In January and February I will increase this to 250 kilometres a week.  So far my body is holding up well. I have another 3 months of training and the start date of May the 14th is getting closer.  I keep asking myself if my training will be enough to see me through the 5400 kilometres but as other ultra marathon runners have said, you need to keep reminding yourself that you can never really prepare for such a challenge.  The challenge itself will be the training!


Running in Iceland with only 4 hours of light – there were days I ran in the dark


My weight has remained at a constant 65 kilograms and I am beginning to see the benefits of reducing my carbohydrate intake and teaching my body to burn fat as ketone bodies as its main source of fuel instead of glucose. We normally eat a paleo diet with lots of vegetables and good fats like coconut oil and butter but I was still reaching for carbs to give me a lift on my runs (and a blueberry muffin with my morning coffee). My wife Sarah suggested we try  and explore eating a ketogenic diet as she had been researching diets of ultra athletes. Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney’s book ‘The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living’ for scientific research into sports performance and Mark Sisson’s book ‘Primal Blueprint’ got us started. Sarah found that the Keto Summit was also online and it was great to listen to renown experts in the field like Prof Tim Noakes, Dr Phil Maffetone and Thomas Seyfried. The ketogenic diet doesn’t suit everyone but burning a ‘clean’ energy source was certainly something we wanted to trial. So this week, I’m back from traveling and I’m grateful to be back to Sarah’s meal planning and cooking.


December training took place in the UAE, Cyprus, Iceland and the UK with significantly colder temperatures in Iceland and the UK.  I have not worn my buffs since 2014 but they were used regularly in both countries.


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