People Who Inspire Me – Nicholas Baldock

My journey to run 5400km across the United has was initially inspired by Nicholas Baldock who ran from San Francisco to New York in 1999.  Nicholas wrote a truly inspirational booked called Running Across America: A 132-day Run Across America to Raise Money for the Josie Russell Trust Fund.

It was the plight of 9-year-old Josie Russell that first persuaded Nicholas to run across America.  Josie had survived a horrifying attack in 1996, when her mother and sister were brutally murdered in front of her.  Like many others, Nicholas was moved by the tragedy

Nicholas tells the story of what it is like to run across America, a story of endurance, pain, glory and joy. Though offering the reader insights into the many places visited, it is primarily an account of how three people, previously unknown to each other, existed for over four months in a confined environment under intense stress.

As the project moved, agonizingly slowly, across small town America, in one of the hottest summers the country had experienced in the 20th Century, Nicholas recorded the emotional tensions that served as a backdrop to the immense physical effort of running across a continent.

Sadly Nicholas died in 2014, suddenly and very unexpectedly of a massive heart attack.


If you are interested, you can purchase and download a copy of Nicholas’s book Running Across America 

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