The Run

Nick's Progress...

    Nick's Current Running Stats

    Days RunningDateDaily Kilometres Total Completed Kilometres
    Day 1 Sun14th May Week 164.3km64.3km
    Day 2 Mon15th41.0kmSore quads105.3km
    Day 3 Tues16th49.5Hill climb 900-1000m
    8 Degrees
    Day 4 Weds17th54.4km8.5 hrs running209.2km
    Day 5 Thurs18th49.6km258.2km
    Day 6 Fri19th27.2kmHalf rest day285.2km
    Day 7 Sat20th55.6kmBlister on left ball and side of left foot - burst and treated340.2km
    Day 8 Sun21st48.kmNo cell coverage388.2km
    Day 9 Mon22nd Week 248.km40 Degrees, detour 18km off Route 66420.0km
    Day 10 Tues23rd49.km42 Degrees485.2km
    Day 11 Weds24thREST DAYREST DAY
    43 Degrees
    Day 12 Thurs25th60.5km40 Degrees. Interstate too dangerous with trucks, walk 10km for safety545.7km
    Day 13 Fri26th58.1km3200 ft climb603.8km
    Day 14 Sat27th50.5kmBlisters improved659.3km
    Day 15 Sun28th48.2kmNo cell coverage707.5km
    Day 16 Mon29th Week 350.1kmNumb toes, scenery has changed to more green and cattle. Lots of climbs and drops756.6km
    Day 17 Tues30th63.5kmCooler temp today, 30 degrees and cloudy sky. Feeling tired820.9km
    Day 18 Weds31st45.0kmHail & thunderstorm
    Day 19 Thurs1st JuneREST DAYREST DAY Visiting the Grand Canyon
    Day 20 Fri2nd June51.7kmElevation and avoiding large trucks today912.5km
    Day 21 Sat3rd54.7kmFeet sore, more blisters today and hands sunburnt as forgot to put cream on them - very sore967.2km
    Day 22 Sun4th39.01kmStomach cramps and blisters, Needed a lighter day today1006.0km
    Day 23 Mon5th Week 458.6kmCramp in left calf, running on the shoulder of an uneven road hasn't been easy today1064.6km
    Day 24 Tues6thREST DAYREST DAY, ate, slept, played chess1064.6km
    Day 25 Wed7th63.7kmArizona Highway Patrol, snakes, dogs, cows, sand storm and thunder with rain on its way!1128.3km
    Day 26 Thurs8th - NEW MEXICO!53.7km30 degrees but a nice breeze, 4km of climbing on rock and sand, hard going. 1182.0km
    Day 27 Fri9th41.9kmLighter run but tired1223.9km
    Day 28 Sat10th 59.03kmSand, rocks and thorns today - not a great day!1282.93
    Day 29 Sun11th49.3km1332.23
    Day 30 Mon12th Week 549.1km1387.33
    Day 31 Tues13th 56.3kmReally tough day, long and hard on the side of the road1443.63
    Day 32 Weds14th45.7kmA new blister1489.33
    Day 33 Thurs15thREST DAYREST DAY Albuquerque1489.33
    Day 34 Fri16thREST DAYREST DAY Albuquerque1489.33
    Day 35 Sat17th49.81km1539.13
    Day 36 Sun18th65.09kmLots of variety, some road, cow fields, rock, thorn from cacti and fence line!1604.22
    Day 37 Mon19th70.41km1674.62
    Day 3820th59.02km1733.64
    Day 3921st42.02km1775.66
    Day 4022nd62.4km41 Degrees, made it to Texas! Drank 8 Litres1838.06
    Day 4123rd58.6kmVery high wind, a lower temp1896.66
    Day 4224th45.0kmRain, 15 degrees, sore and exhausted today1941.66
    Day 4325th58.48kmNot feeling great today2,000.14km
    Day 4426th64.29km2,064.43
    Day 4527th70.8km2,135.13
    Day 4628th67.0kmJeff leaves
    Day 4729thREST DAYREST DAY - Emily returns, Kieran joins from Australia
    Day 4830th55.95kmBack on the road
    Day 491st68.4km
    Day 502nd54.6km
    Day 513rd71.1km
    Day 524th47.10km2,516.23km
    Day 535th54.37kmHumidity high. Ran 6km with 3 dogs and watched as one was hit by a truck - a sad and emotional day2,570.6
    Day 546th64.44kmBody tired and dealing with heat rash2,635.04
    Day 557th67.0km2,702.04
    Day 568th58.4km2,760.44
    Day 579th46.34km2,806.78
    Day 5810thREST DAY!!!Infected blister2,806.78
    Day 5911th64.13km2,870.91
    Day 6012th69.09kmFinding it very hard with the 76% humidity2,940.01
    Day 6113th62.14kmDifficult with hills and traffic. Body is so tired3,002.24
    Day 6214th46.99kmSteep hills, almost got hit and shaken to the core3,049.23
    Day 6315th64.21km
    Day 6416th65.81kmHit a wall today, so exhausted and emotional. More blisters. 7 rest days, 57 running days3,179.16km
    Day 6517th71.4km3,250.56
    Day 6618th49.60kmStruggling with constipation!3,300.16
    Day 6719th72.69kmIt's my birthday!3,372.85
    Day 6820th71.29km3,444.14
    Day 6921st56.45km
    Day 7022ndREST DAYREST DAY
    Day 7123rdREST DAYREST DAY
    Day 7224thREST DAY10th Rest day. Waiting around to fix a blown tyre on the RV
    Day 7325th83.7km
    Day 7426th62.18kmOne hour time difference in moving into a new time zone. Now on New York time!
    Day 7527th79.0km
    Day 7628th54.3666 running days / 10 rest days3,779.83
    Day 7729th50.1km3,829.93
    Day 7830th58.4km3,888.33
    Day 7931st45.4kmA great 16km run with Rhonda, one of my running team from the UAE!3,933.73
    Day 801stREST DAYA great reunion with friends. Lovely to see Sydney, George and Thomas
    Day 812ndHIT AND RUNAt about the 16km mark3,949.73km completed

    USA ROUTE 66 MAP edited

    In 1980, a man named Frank Giannino, Jr., ran 3,100 miles from San Francisco to New York in 46 days, 8 hours, 36 minutes. In doing so, he set a record for the fastest run across the United States. This record stood for 36 years and was recently (October 2016) broken by Pete Kostelnick who completed the run in 42 days, 6 hours and 30 minutes. For the new record Kostelnick averaged just over 72 miles per day, covering a total of 3,067 miles.

    For me, the challenge is not about beating the record (I am taking a route further south and a longer distance) but it is about inspiring others to achieve their own goals in life. Most people would consider this to be such a long distance to run but I think it is the striving for the impossible is what can inspire others. Although I see this as a unique opportunity to challenge myself, both physically and mentally, this is not my primary motive. I want to communicate to others that for an ordinary person to do something extraordinary, you must never be afraid to dream big. I want to inspire others to make a difference in the world. This is the philosophy I have shared with thousands of students I have taught since becoming a University educator in 1990.

    There are many possible routes but I have considered two main options:

    • 1. Follow the Interstate 80 (San Francisco – NY)
    • 2. Route 66 (LA-Chicago-NY).

    I have decided on the second option as I love the idea of running route 66 because its historical significance. It is however a longer route but it will be warmer. The distance is approximately 5400km and Route 66 starts in Chicago and crosses through Illinois, northeast of the United States and ends on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, California.


    The Timeline

    February 2015:

    Decision made to run across America starting May 2017. Decision made to raise money for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust (PFT).

    Feb-June 2015:

    Background information sought on routes, climates, experiences of previous attempts to run across America.

    Preparation of budget.

    Training program generated for the next 24 months. Training starts (80km weekly, cycling, swimming and gym)

    September 2015-December 2015:

    Identification of potential sponsors that ‘fit’ with run and proposed charity. Generate preliminary discussion and interest from these sponsors. Sponsorship interest to cover running shoes, clothing, RV hire and running costs (for support crew), food and hydration, medical research (heart, lungs and biomechanics), and flight transportation.

    Discuss interest from potential family members and friends to act as support crew.

    Preparation of sponsorship proposals (ongoing)

    Apply for US Visas.

    Increase weekly km to 100. Maintain core gym work (every 2nd day).

    February – June 2016:

    Presentation to MediaPro (a global leader in broadcast media, marketing and sport) to film a documentary of the race.  Potential target markets: National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

    Ongoing preparation of sponsorship proposals.

    Secure support from employer in the United Arab Emirates, American University of Sharjah.

    Maintain weekly 100 km in higher temperatures and core gym work

    July-August 2016

    Mountain training in New Zealand.

    Ongoing preparation of sponsorship proposals.

    Development of fundraising site for PFT and crowdsource funding website.

    Donation page on PFT website to go live (using British Telecom).

    September – December 2016:

    MediaPro decision on documentary (September 2016).

    Crowdsource funding site to go live (September 2016)

    Final decision on support crew

    Step up training in the United Arab Emirates (30 half marathons in 30 days, 40 degree heat) (September 2016). October onwards increase weekly km to 150.

    Mountain training in Cyprus.

    Step up core work (gym and cycling).

    Finalize sponsorship agreements.

    Visit UK for discussions with Loughborough University and Bristol University (biomechanics and heart research)

    Training in Al Hajar Mountains (November and December 2016)

    January – May 2017:

    Develop logistics plan (RV route, run route, scenario planning, food preparation, sleeping).

    Continue training in Al Hajar Mountains

    Development and implementation of social media plan and media exposure strategy using sponsor digital marketing platforms.

    Maintain weekly 150 km of end of May.

    11/12 May:

    Meet support crew in Los Angeles.

    Pick up RV, finalize food, hydration and logistics

    14 May 2017: Start run (Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles)

    Early September: Finish in Central Park, New York