The Support Team

When I'm training for a big race or run, my wife Sarah jokes that I'm either at work, asleep or out running! If anyone understands about the time and commitment I have made to running - she does! 

Sarah takes our family nutrition very seriously and spends time with her head in books or online looking for the most tasty keto and paleo meal ideas, as well as looking at the research that goes with it. She loves fermenting foods and our kitchen is home to kombucha, Jun, kefir and fermenting veggies. 

While I am running she is setting meal plans and shopping lists (as I need to be consuming about 6000 calories a day), updating the website and social media, taking care of the rest of the family and working. 


Ashill family


The Rest Of The Team


Emily, Nick's daughter, (Peter's granddaughter & Kieran's friend) has been living in Melbourne, Australia but has packed her life into storage to live a life of adventure this year. It all started with an email from Nick saying “Well, I have something to share with you...” An adventure indeed. As much as Emily loves Nick, she thinks he's crazy to take on such a feat, but is excited to support him along the way.
Emily is an illustrator and plans on using her free time to draw all the bugs and flowers she comes across on her travels.

You can follow her illustrations here:

Peter Powell

Peter is Nick's father in law and is joining the team for six weeks of the journey. He is a retired accountant and has always loved sport, car restoration, driving and exploring new countries. Since retiring, Peter volunteers in transporting dialysis patients from his home city through to a bigger hospital in the region and loves to drive the Mercedes ambulance! Peter is travelling all the way from New Zealand and he has always dreamed of driving Route 66 - I just bet he hadn't thought he'd be taking it quite so slowly!2016-08-11 15.58.28

Jeff Baker

Jeff Baker works down the hall from Nick at the American University of Sharjah.  Jeff ran exactly one marathon a little over 10 years ago and then promptly retired from running. His athletic endeavors are limited to the golf course at this point.  

Jeff has been married to Cindy for nearly 17 years. They love traveling and think their best trips have been learning to cook in Italy, relaxing on the beach in Thailand, snorkeling in the Maldives, watching animals on safari  in east Africa, and exploring New Zealand.

Kieran Bullock

Kieran Bullock is a writer and actor from New Zealand, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. He enjoys burgers and beer, and has therefore taken up running to keep his robust figure in check. This has resulted in him, to the surprise of him and others, completing four half-marathons. The most enjoyable part of these runs was the burger and beer afterwards!